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Barrel Necklace



Sparkling gracefully in the light, this sterling silver chain is like a timeless friend that effortlessly grabs your attention. Its design is just so classic and elegant, making it easy to mix and match—whether you’re going for a solo vibe or layering it with longer necklaces for that extra flair. It’s not just any silver chain; it’s crafted with care and precision using 925 sterling silver, so it’s tough, won’t tarnish easily, and feels super gentle on your skin, especially if you’re a bit picky about these things. Trust me, it’s not just a chain; it’s like a stylish companion that elevates your whole look with a touch of timeless charm.


**D E T A I L S**

– Clasp type: lobster
– Material: 925 Sterling Silver
– Tarnish-resistant, waterproof, safe for sensitive skin

Additional information

Necklace Length (inches)

14", 16", 18", 20, 22", 24", 26"