About us

Have you ever wanted to remember a special moment forever?
Well, now you can with permanent Jewelry.
No clip, no link, and no weak points.
Oh and no ripped clothes from the link getting stuck on.
We are In San Diego, CA. and all of our products are made In Los Angeles.

A Moment To Remember

PurlyNude is all about experiences…We wanted to create a brand that will stand out from the rest. Hypoallergenic Jewelry with an educational blog to make sure that you get the materials to match your skin, especially those with sensitive skin.


The One Where They Started A Business

PurlyNude is founded by students in California State University San Marcos. We wanted to create a quality product at prices that everyone could afford. Everything we sell is made in Los Angeles, CA.
We only sell Hypoallergenic materials; 14Kt Gold Filled Jewelry, Sterling Silver, 14Kt Full Yellow and White Gold.

purlynude jewelry

Fill Your Life With Experiences And Have Stories To Tell About Beautiful Jewelry.


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