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Permanent jewelry

How does permanent jewelry work?

Permanent jewelry is the best new thing, and there is a great reason behind getting one.

Many people are wondering…why is the hype so big behind permanent jewelry? And why is everyone getting one?

Luckily, we are here to help you with everything on permanent jewelry.

Permanent jewelry is a chain welded on you that you can’t take off. It is not soldiered but rather welded and comes in different metal types. Such as 14k gold, 14k gold filled, and 925 sterling silver.

The pieces of jewelry are permanently welded as they are clasp-less chains. They are popular because the clasp is the weakest point of any jewelry, leading to it getting lost forever.

The chains offered are usually dainty. One can choose from different styles and materials. Some chains are embellished with gemstones and charms if you are into that.

The welding process is easy and takes a couple of minutes, a trained PNJ professional will weld both ends of a chain using a laser making it safe and painless. It is welded where both sides meet to close the ends and give you a seamless clasp-less design.

How to get permanent jewelry?


Book an appointment,

to book with us go to and book a date/time that works best for you.
Most jewelers require an appointment booking for permanent jewelry, and those with walk-ins tend to be limited to specific times.


Go to the appointment and decide on a chain or stack some different ones.
The best part about permanent jewelry is that it is dainty enough to be stacked with other chains, if you cannot decide on one, then do two different ones or a two-style chain, where two different chains are welded together to make one piece with two different styles.


Fitting, the Jeweler will measure your wrist and ensure comfortable fitting to where it is not too tight or too loose and could be worn comfortably for as long as it is desired.


The welding part uses a micro laser welder, which is safe and does not cause any pain or harm to the client or jeweler. The entire process from start to end takes 15-20 minutes.

The piece of permanent jewelry could be worn 24/7 and does not need to be taken off at the beach, gym, pool, or anywhere. It is safe to stay on for as long as needed.

Our 14k gold, and 14k gold filled jewelry materials will not tarnish at all, no matter where you wear it or how you wear it, and they could be cleaned by simply using a microfiber cloth and wiping them with it.

925 Sterling silver on the other hand will tarnish after a couple of years or even more, but it is easy to clean. As all sterling silver tarnishes no matter the purity. Here at PurlyNude we only use 925 sterling silver, which is the purest form of sterling silver available in any piece of jewelry.